Selecting Your Bedding

It’s difficult to understand what you’re buying based on product claims.
To avoid confusion we have independent textile labsBureau Veritas & Intertek which perform tests that simulate real-world use which offers a better indication of quality & wear.



Our research begins with an analysis to identify the best bed sheets for testing. We look at bedding features, company trust, user reviews, specifications, and other factors to help inform our decisions.


Once we have identified our initial list of bed sheets we move onto testing. During this stage we put each bed sheet through a series of tests designed to show performance in a clear, meaningful, and informative manner.


Once we complete our testing and analysis we make a final recommendation. We look at a variety of factors, including quality, value, performance, and more — to help guide you to better night’s sleep.

We buy. We test. YOU DECIDE.

Sheet Reviews

These tests are very expensive. We believe they are worth the cost to help you make a better buying decision. 

We have more sheets being tested. Stay tuned.