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Our Story

We started this website because the customer needs to know what they are buying into. The narratives which are being woven by online brands is very confusing. The spinning of yarns has taken a new meaning.

There was a simple way to provide the customer with the facts. Have the products tested at World Class Independent Textile labs such as Bureau Veritas & Intertek for the qualities which make a good sheet. These labs stimulate real world use for pilling, fabric strength, construction, staple length amongst other things.



We discovered companies stating that they were disrupting the marketplace by providing customers with Luxury Hotel Sheets at a fraction of the cost. Neither were the sheets made out of Egyptian cotton and they were definitely threading a fine line on the construction of their luxury sheets. Their luxury cotton sheets were infused with weft’s to increase thread counts something they profess to not do.

The refreshing thing we found was that many online brands were being truthful about their thread counts and they passed with flying colors.

Our rating is based on Independent Textile Lab Testing Results correlating what the brand promise is.  We do take in factors such as price, assortment, environment, and ethics to provide you with the best choice.

These sheets were directly shipped from each brands website to the Independent Testing Labs to maintain chain of custody.

No more weaving of yarns.  Just plain facts.