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Frette Logo Egyptian Cotton: $475-$525


Sheet Material: 100% organic cotton
Weave Construction: Sateen
Thread Count: 300 single-ply
Fitted Sheet Depth: Up to 17 inches
Sizes available: Q1, K, CK.

Strong Organic Cotton Fabric
Good Pill Resistance
Good Bedding Selection
Fitted Sheets are well sized
Thread Count is Accurate
– Looks wrinkled after laundering
We believe their solid collection over priced


Frette sheets passed quality testing with fairly easily, their 300 thread count came to be pretty accurate. Their sheets don’t seem to have a tendency to pill or shrink, however they didn’t seem to be as soft as the organic cotton sheets we reviewed. Frette still needs to put up their Egyptian cotton certifications.

– The sateen weave sheets actually came to be 300 TC.
– The cotton was long staple.
– They scored highly on the pilling test, meaning if properly cared for they would not pill easily.
– Shrinkage was minimal as well.
– The Sateen fabric is woven, cut & sewn in Italy using egyptian cotton.


Simple elegant sheets, made in Italy.


Frette only offers two colors within their Ajour collection.

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Long Staple Benefit
Softer fabric
 Better pilling resistance
More durable
Thread Count Benefit 
Better breathability
Better pilling resistance
Humidity elimination
Pilling Resistance Benefit
Longer lifespan
More durable
Better feel
High quality luxury bedding
which would last longer
than regular sheets

In Conclusion

Frette Started in 1860, by far the oldest brand we have reviewed. Fretter prides themselves in selling high-end sheets that look very luxurious. Frette’s Single Ajour sheet set has been claimed to be Egyptian cotton & long staple regular cotton, however they are made in Italy. The Single Ajour sheets have a nice sateen finish making the sheets look very posh. The sheets breathe well, but do get quite wrinkly. One thing that I noticed was their stitching, it’s superb no loose threads whatsoever, really makes the sheets look elegant. Overall their sheets are nice, but they better be for that price point. They’ve really tried to go after the consumer that still believes higher thread count means higher quality sheets.

More information,

  • Overall Rating 80%


How We Tested: Independent labs evaluated the durability of each sheet set by testing its fabric strength, tear resistance, pilling resistance, shrinkage after laundering and appearance after laundering. We also examined its wrinkle resistance and fit to mattress when new and after multiple wash cycles. We then had consumer testers blindly rate the fabric for softness and their opinion of the feel.

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