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Parachute Home Logo Egyptian Cotton: $109-$149

Sheet Material: 100% egyptian cotton
Weave Construction: Sateen
Thread Count: –
Fitted Sheet Depth: Up to 16 inches
Sizes available: Q, K, CK, T, TXL, F.

Strong Cotton Fabric
Good Pill Resistance
Good Bedding Selection
Fitted Sheets are well sized
Thread Count is Accurate
– Prone to wrinkling
We believe their solid collection over priced
Egyptian cotton doesn’t have verified claim



Parachute doesn’t claim their sheets to be an exact thread count. Their sheets don’t show signs of pilling or shrinkage either. They claim their sheets to be Egyptian cotton, but don’t show any certification whatsoever.

– They don’t actually claim to be selling a specific thread count for their Sateen sheets.
– They claim to be selling 100% Egpytian Cotton Sheets on their website, but we saw no actual documentation. 
– Their Sateen Sheet sets are Oeko Tex certified


Parachute sells posh sheets which are well priced.


They offer a solid 6 colors for their sateen sheets.

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In Conclusion

Parachute home started in 2014 providing high end sheets made up of regular cotton. Parachute Home is one of the bedding companies that focuses heavily on design. Their products do look great, but don’t feel as great as other cotton sheets within the marketplace, their prices are higher than SOL Organic’s sheets but Parachute home doesn’t sell organic cotton sheets. Parachutes Sateen Sheets overall looked great, but the feel not so much. They were nice & shiny, but were a bit rougher than what we expected. With the whole Egyptian cotton Fiasco that had taken place in the last 18 months, we recommend Parachute to provide actual documentation saying their sheets are made with Egyptian cotton. The sheets do breathe well & they tend to get softer with each wash, which seems to be the case with most cotton sheets.

More information,

  • Overall Rating 80%


How We Tested: Independent labs evaluated the durability of each sheet set by testing its fabric strength, tear resistance, pilling resistance, shrinkage after laundering and appearance after laundering. We also examined its wrinkle resistance and fit to mattress when new and after multiple wash cycles. We then had consumer testers blindly rate the fabric for softness and their opinion of the feel.

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